Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why don't you check with Riley if you think I was 'making it up' you moron. You know nothing about the enforcement situation and you're only making it worse in your defense of Madera and your criticism of the FCC and OO's on qrz. Grow the fuck up already!

Brian’s continuing ‘terms of endearment’ to Ed 25 Jun ’07 [Pot/kettle: Grow the fuck up yourself already, Brian!]

· As predicted Junior. This puts the icing on the cake. You're going to pay me for this one too. Hope it was worth it. Ask Karol if he'll loan you the $$ for a good attorney. See what he says. [Karol says: Go pound sand; piss up a rope; go suck off Riley!]

Brian’s continuing tirade to Ed [after his QRZ comments were re-published here] 25 Jun ‘07

Junior, here's another one you need to remove. The defamatory statement(s) on qrz and republished at are defamatory and will result in a civil suit of defamation per se if not removed and an apology published on by 5PM tomorrow. [ß Nothing heard/seen, OVER.]

Brian’s continuing threats to Ed [after Ed’s report of previous threats on QRZ, above, was published here] 25 Jun ‘07

Question: what can/should be done regarding this dude? Choices: more complaints; letters; jamming. [Brian’s “poll” after his signature “Check out” URL. Are you still advocating jamming, Brian???]

Brian K3VR posting as “US Patriot” [ß yeah, right!] in “ANTI-AMERICAN BROADCASTS” on 28 Jun ‘07

· For all who might have listened to the station EA1AET/W4 operating on 14275 from the Florida Keys; he says his name is Joe. He is using an illegal licence to talk with Karol Madera, VE7KFM…. The real EA1AET is an XYL…. So be careful who you talk with! Latest up date shows that EA1AET/W4 has also been using the call N9PH. Is THAT his real call, or has he stolen another one?

Very odd ‘Bio’ [surreptitiously put up by Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR] for EA1AET on as of 10 Aug ‘07

I've only heard him once above S-5 at my PA location, and he has an awful signal -- the worst sounding signal on 20 meters. [s-5 is better than the previous s4…. Press for Brian’s 3rd report. LIAR!]

Brian ‘The Fraudulent CROW’ K3VR lying as usual in “K1MAN and N9OGL…” on 21 Aug ‘07

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