Monday, July 19, 2010

That's the kind of BS I'd expect to hear from a fruitcake eating CBer, or a newbie who lives in his grandma's basement. [Bravo “Darkhorse” (ß Brian’s instructive CB ‘handle’) with his ‘trademark’ snide remarks.]

Brian ‘The Model Amateur’ K3VR taking another swipe at Ed KB3JGU in “bad freq? 14.275” on 21 Oct ’07

Ed, you need to find an elmer other than VE7KFM. [ß Brian mimicking Charlie AG4YO’s quip to Calvin K0DXC.]

Brian ‘The Helpful HAM’ K3VR’s sarcastic comment in Ed’s “Who has trouble with the 15m trap” on 21 Oct ’07

Yes, I'd like very much to help Ed with his problems. From antenna issues, to rules interpretation... and, well, you name it. My door is always open to anyone with a sincere desire for self-improvement.

Brian ‘The Hypocrite’ K3VR’s irrational/off-topic comments in “Who has trouble with the 15m trap” on 21 Oct ’07

You see, once a group of complainants becomes known as 'problem children' or hypocrites or falsifiers of evidence…the [Authorities] will ignore their complaints. You can't use a witness who has been proven to have no credibility in a Federal [or any other] case. Even MY grandmother knows that!

Brian CROW K3VR subliminally commenting about himself and Ed’s G-Ma in “FCC’s Riley Hollingsworth to Retire” 25 Oct ‘07

This is why "Mothers Against Canada" exists. Some Canadian ham with the call ve7kfm and a really tabloid web site is claiming that the FCC has threatened Todd with loss of license and loss of freedom for illegal short wave broadcasting. There is no corroborating evidence on either the FCC or the ARRL web sites (yet), but ve7kfm either has a scoop at or else has set himself up for a nasty libel suit. [Huhh??? Actually, Psycho’s “New Brunswick” ‘spoof’/droll self-promotion/180 degree phase-shift, stirring shit, again.]

“DeLorean” [~‘PsyOps’ Brian K3VR] in “N9OGL to lose his license and go to prison?” on 30 Oct ‘07

I believe I've convinced Riley Hollingsworth to hang around a bit longer. We need him to deal with a few remaining high profile problems in amateur radio. He's going to be around for a long time to come... sorry, Karol. [ß I don’t consider 8 mo. a “long time”, Brian.]

Brian ‘Riley’s FRAUDulent Snitch’ CROW K3VR wishful thinking in DXLD 2 Nov ‘07

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