Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The FCC has shown zero interest in those jamming the Canadian's transmissions, and I think I know why…. I doubt very much that any US jury would sanction a US citizen for jamming the dweeb, even if the FCC cared, which, obviously, they do not.

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR confirming the obvious in “What's 14.275 Mhz all about???” on QRZ.com 10 Mar ‘08

Whitney: Stop calling the Canadian… and engaging him on 14.275. He's invariably jammed, which inevitably leads to him using the crudest, most God awful vulgarities…. [ß Brian: Stop jamming me. Instead, go suck off Riley.]

Brian ‘Radio COP’ K3VR the Anti-Democratic Neo-CON in “Is 14.275 Mhz normal amateur radio?” on QRZ.com 4 Apr ‘08

I do my best, quietly, and humbly…. [ß Yeah, right!]
I hope you'll forgive me if I point out that you continue to demonstrate poor judgement [sic] by engaging the Canadian….
Your refusal to cooperate is noted and logged. [ß Ja Wohl! Sieg Heil!]

Brian ‘Radio COP’ K3VR’s hubris and threats to Whitney N3ZV in “Is 14.275 Mhz normal amateur radio?” on QRZ.com 4 Apr ‘08

Gordon Benjamin, N6WK, made several odious deposits which were immediately flushed from the forum. [ß A pity I obviously did not catch all of them, HI. See his posts on 6 Apr ’08 above.] One of Benjamin's remarks even hinted at a dark conspiracy piloted by an administrator of the site. [ß Coprophiliacs of/on ‘QeerZ’, Unite?]

Brian ‘Shit Disturber CROW’ K3VR ‘droppings’ about Gordon’s ‘QeerZ’ posts, on his FRAUDulent site ‘as if mine’ 7 Apr ‘08

The only authorized information concerning suckK3VRoff can be found by visiting suckK3VRoff.com
Thank You!

Brian ‘Circle Jerk CROW’ K3VR as usual [the earlier CMSPIRG imprimatur refers] inter alia on nnseek.com 9 Apr ‘08

Whether it’s… playing music or rebroadcasting… there is no place in ham radio for deliberate qrm. [ß LIAR!]

Brian ‘Two-Faced CROW’ K3VR to Steve [what about your “Talk over him… that's the order of the day!” earlier?] 14 Apr ‘08

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