Saturday, July 17, 2010

Daugherty should be avoided like the plague….
Want to hear Todd Daugherty (N9OGL/Omega Radio) in action, listen to this (A complete meltdown on the air)
You will cringe when you hear it. There are vulgarities. Rants against the FCC. The clip is 2.5 minutes long. Everyone should be warned about this loose cannon.
More information about N9OGL by those who had to deal with him can be found here: ….
I see he's also a friend of an al qaeda supporter. What a suprise [sic]….
He's not being targeted because he's a pirate. No one cares. He's being targeted because he's a creep and a moron. [ß So why were you posting here? Also, being “a creep and a moron” (IYNSHO) is worse than being a “friend of qaeda”? Thanks, Brian!]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR anonymously on “The PiratesWeek Podcast” 4 Nov ‘07

As usual, Karol Madera and his band of militant leftist homosexuals prance about the internet defaming innocents. [Brian & Co. are many things, but certainly NOT “innocents”. Note also the typical hyper homo-sexual diction.]

Brian ‘The Innocent CROW’ K3VR posing as “Sophie” [my Mother’s name] on Rolville USA ~20 Nov ’07

Mr. Crow's busy safeguarding our nation from enemies foreign and domestic, which is one reason he's being attacked by an affiliate of al Qaeda. [ß I hope Al Qaeda drives your teeth out your asshole, Brian.]

Brian ‘Psycho’ K3VR ‘Crowing’ about himself & “enemies” fictitious & contrived on Rolville USA 13 Dec ‘07

Now take your head out of your ass and go piss up your own rope. [ß Lovely, Brian.]
You’re dismissed [ß N.B. Brian’s SOP diction when he’s losing.] and any further mail into this box will be considered unsolicited and will be dealt with via the appropriate isps. [ß N.B. Only Brian is allowed to SPAM, apparently.]
Now pass that along to your buddy.

Brian ‘I Squat to Pee’ CROW K3VR from threatening Gordon/Tom 16 Dec ‘07

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