Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I called the FCC and asked them to pinpoint my beacon, which they did in under 2 minutes….

Brian K3VR in “Trash on 14.275” on 30 Aug ’07 [so why the 6+ years w/o results re: the jammers on 14.275 ?]

I don't hear much on 275 either, until Karol Madera gets on. Then I generally hear him blaming his critics for jamming him. [ß Whom would you have me blame? My correspondents? FUCKTARD!]

Brian ‘Fucktard CROW’ K3VR is the “Trash on 14.275” on 30 Aug ’07

The very next time you accuse me of threatening you, or otherwise attempt to defame me, for any reason, or, if any of this crap you spewed tonight is republished in Canada, you will hear from my attorney. [ß It was republished….]
“Brian C” e-mail to Gordon N6WK 30 Aug ‘07

· Y_A_W_N
Stop squeaking you little mouse. It's not a threat Gordy, I'll sue you for libel and I'll own every thing in your miserable hovel. Trust me.

“Brian C” e-mail to Gordon N6WK [after his simple note to Brian not to threaten or e-mail him again] 30 Aug ‘07

I tried to warn you that you were treading on thin ice! Now, your beloved thread has been deleted! From this point on, any emails from you will be forwarded directly to my friend Karol just for your pleasure! Do not ever email me again. If you do I will report it as harassment or stalking! I am a subscriber and you are cheap scum. I will have you tossed off and I will post about you every day for your discomfort! You have been warned and the ball is in your court.

Gordon’s purported e-mail to Brian 30 Aug ’07 as FRAUDulently altered by Brian CROW K3VR, JPG undated

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