Friday, July 23, 2010

Actually, we should thank Karol because he attracts all the worst hams to the same frequency….

Brian CROW K3VR in “Threads About Infamous Amateurs…” on 22 Aug ’07

Having said that, don't mistake my advice to you. I don't really believe that anyone cares about your opinion one way or the other Charlie.

A sarcastic Brian ‘The Fraudulent Saint’ K3VR in “Ever Wonder??” on 27 Aug ‘07

Charlie… I hope you'll consider my advice to stop belittling newcomers…. Picking on others even in jest is no way to build cameraderie [sic] in the service. Likewise, sabotaging other people's interests and discussions is no way to make friends, here, or on the air. [Hypocrite!!!]

Brian ‘Psycho’ K3VR in “Ever Wonder??” on 27 Aug ’07 [but see the next—‘do as I say, not as I do’ and note the date]

Junior, why don't you crawl back down to the cellar and write another email to your Unkle [sic] Karol?

Brian K3VR belittling Ed a ~‘newbie’, after he posted only ~20 innocuous words in “Ever Wonder??” on 27 Aug ‘07

Dating from 2002, there are sixty different open topics mentioning VE7KFM.
I started four of the sixty topics; [ß Not true. Also, false modesty does not become Brian. FRAUD does….]

one of VE7KFM's friends (now banned) posted one; and N9PH [ß since also banned] posted several more.

As of today, the open topics have been viewed over 200,000 times. [ß Nice round, if still very suspect number….]

One-hundred-thirty-one open topics mention K1MAN.

I stopped counting the number of times those topics were viewed when I reached 500,000. [Ditto, above.]

K1MAN was discussed extensively in AA7BQ's nine page thread, which was viewed 36,860 times. [ß A mere trifle! In “VE7KFM is on” I was discussed in 24 pages—and ~100 times by Brian personally, without any retort! Bravo!]

Brian ‘The Obsessed CROW’ K3VR in “The Official VE7KFM and K1MAN Thread” on 28 Aug ‘07

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