Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We have your photo on our web site. Keep calling us dumb, and we will post a picture of you nude that we have. [] always wins in the end. Always. [ß Brian’s Childishness, Hubris & Obsession!]

Brian ‘Juvenile’ CROW K3VR a.k.a. “Manager” to Todd N9OGL in “More Threats…” on The Voice of Amateur Radio 10 May ‘08

Write Parliament, write to RAC, and to Industry Canada, and demand that they remove this malicious blight which gives a black eye to the otherwise proud and distinguished Canadian Amateur Radio esprit de corps.

Brian ‘L’imbécile CROW’ K3VR failing miserably to ‘gild his lily’ en Français on his FRAUDulent website ‘as if mine’ 4 Jun ‘08

I had the extreme pleasure of dismantling that group due to hate speech, libel, illegal activities, and numerous other violations of Yahoo's terms of service. You were part of that group Bill.

Brian ‘Stazi’ CROW K3VR ‘pleasuring himself’, as usual, in “14.275 MHz” on 26 Jul ‘08

You're wrong about illegal jamming. The illegal jamming is the music, sound effects, and unidentified transmissions you hear. Not the people using their callsigns and enjoying their radio privileges. You should try to bone up on the facts Dave, before putting your foot in it.

Write the FCC and ask if they intend to prosecute people who talk over/ignore the static from Canada. The FCC considers his transmissions to be no more than "harmful interference."… as you know, it's impossible to interfere with static….

NO ONE who ignores his signal and talks over him… has been, or will be, prosecuted for rules violations….

Brian ‘Riley’s FRAUDulent Snitch’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 29 Jul ‘08

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