Monday, July 5, 2010

Apparently you failed to read/comprehend my last post Dave. The FCC has informed me that KFM's transmissions are classified as HARMFUL INTERFERENCE in this country. Go back and re-read what I wrote. In a nutshell, it's not illegal to talk over and ignore harmful interference.

Brian ‘FRAUDulent CROW’ K3VR’s slights-of-hand in “14.275 MHz” on 29 Jul ‘08

The FCC has never sent as much as an inquiry letter to ANYONE who talked over/ignored the nut from Canada.

Brian ‘FCC Mouthpiece’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 29 Jul ‘08

Believe it or not, people are defending this human garbage in the other thread about him!

Brian ‘Multiple Thread’ K3VR in “VE7KFM makes terroristic threats to america” on 29 Jul ‘08

I have noticed that VE7KFM's correspondents seem to be looked at more closely than others, by the FCC, FBI, and other federal agencies….

Brian ‘Alphabet Soup’ K3VR’s typical threatening hyperbole in “14.275 MHz” on 30 Jul ‘08

Dave, what you'd like and what you'll get are two different things. You're old enough to realize that….

If you can't accurately process known facts, read the tea leaves and govern yourself accordingly.

Brian ‘Psychic’ CROW K3VR reduced to reading tea leaves in “14.275 MHz” on 30 Jul ‘08

I don't respond to immature personal attacks by people who parrot the fruitcake's juvenile rhetoric. Welcome to my ignore list, and enjoy your stay. [ß Going “fishing” again so soon, Brian?]

Brian ‘Pot/Kettle/Black’ CROW K3VR looking in a mirror in “14.275 MHz” on 30 Jul ‘08

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