Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wrong. What I wrote is that the FCC regards his transmissions as "harmful interference" under 47CFR97.3(23) and it is impossible to interfere with harmful interference because it has the same status as static. Don't put words in my mouth or try to interpret what I wrote.

Brian ‘Hyperbolic Interpreter’ CROW K3VR to Dave in “14.275 MHz” on 31 Jul ‘08

IC has not done anything because the head of IC Victoria is afraid KFM will sue over IC trying to restrain his freedom of speech. [ß But… but… Glenn K1MAN in Dec ‘05 said Canada has no Freedoms, Brian. Remember?]

Brian ‘Psychic’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 31 Jul ‘08

No Bill that's not what I said or what I'm saying. Focus on the actual words instead of your interpretation of the words…. I do not believe Karol is worth one more dime of US taxpayer money…. [ß Wait for it, Brian. The chickens are yet to come home to roost.]

[B]ased on responses from the FCC, our FCC administrators could care less about Karol and anyone jamming him on 14275. Isn't that self-evident? [ß Show us the beef, Brian.]

Brian ‘Trust Me—I won’t cum in your mouth’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 31 Jul ‘08

Hitler was a big fan of sterilization, eugenics, euthanasia, infanticide, racial extermination, extermination of homosexuals, the mentally impaired, and the physically defective, all principles ultimately embraced by the Nazis. [ß FLASH… These principles are daily embraced by your Fat Mikee KZ8O and your other Neo-NAZIs on 14.275 MHz, Brian.]

Brian ‘Neo-NAZI Organizer/Manager’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 31 Jul ‘08

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