Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Riley,

Could you also add malicious libel to my complaint against David Tolassi?

Brian Crow, K3VR

Brian ‘Chief Libeler’ CROW trying to ‘wind up’ feeble-minded Riley against David WA1BHV 4 May ‘07

Dear Chief,

Pursuant to my previous email, David J. Tolassi has contacted a female Psychologist in my office suite… making disparaging, harassing comments about me. In addition, Tolassi is using a public internet forum for the purpose of harassment and defamation. So far, he’s been recorded using the radio in his home, saying he intends to crash my website; hire hit men to take care of me; mail me a box of spiders; finally, Tolassi writes that I have a mental illness and that I’m on heavy medication. At a minimum this behavior seems to constitute disturbing the peace. [ß Is that anything like your “shit disturbing”, Brian?]

Brian ‘Pot/Kettle/Black’ K3VR to Barre PD titled “ATTENTION CHIEF – Complaint #2” [Cc Riley] 5 May ‘07

Karol Madera, at approximately 5:30 EST, in conversation with Tolassi, said he would like to impale me (rectally) with a roughly sharpened pole. He told Tolassi that he needed to make Crow pie. Failing that, Madera said he was going to turn “anti-American.” Tolassi referred to Madera as his Oracle. The conversation was highly threatening, as usual. [ß Of course it was, Brian.]

Brian ‘Snitch’ K3VR ‘sucking’ e-mail to Riley titled “Tolassi Report #3” [Cc Barre Chief of Police] 7 May ‘07

Ed, You have about 30 seconds to remove your comment from qrz calling me a liar and a fraud and to make a complete and unreserved apology or I'm going to slap you with the biggest defamation per se lawsuit you ever saw. You'll be giving me your paychecks for years. I put up with Karol's crap because he has nothing of interest and he's in a foreign jurisdiction, but you are in my jurisdiction. This is a good lesson for your 'journalism career.' The smartest thing you could do would be to forget my name and callsign from now on. [Take your own advice, Brian, you Psycho.]
Brian K3VR’s 1st threatening e-mail to Ed KB3JGU 25 Jun ‘07

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