Sunday, December 12, 2010

* RE: Rampant Rules Violations on 14.275
by K3VR on November 20, 2006

KFM has a report? That's hilarious! Call Riley Hollingsworth and he'll tell you point blank that KFM is the problem on 14.275! And if you haven't seen this page about KFM, you should look at it before counting KFM as one of your friends, or as a source of legitimate information. KFM is MAN's co-host as well as a fraud and a liar.

73, [ß URL changed slightly to highlight the obvious/protect the innocent/expose the FRAUDulent Guilty party.]

The post immediately above, in which K3VR uses as his signature, is archived by at

Guess Todd Daugherty, N9OGL, was right all along. Crow will, of course, try to remove that post, but we have many additional archived proofs held in reserve.

Mr. Schwartz unequivocally ID’ing who owns/controls the website ‘as if mine’ on NIMbusters 15 Nov ‘10

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