Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brian Crow won; I lost. I owe the FCC 21,000 Big Ones…

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR FRAUDulently about Glenn K1MAN on www.aboutus.org <23 Aug ‘08

I often assist the FCC and other federal agencies in the apprehension of radio pirates, sane and otherwise. [ß No wonder the FCC/Excited States of HAMereeka is in such un-Holy mess!]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR proving that ~‘it takes a thief to catch a thief’, from one of his Bios <23 Aug ‘08

John Winthrop, Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, was the son of Adam Winthrop, son of Adam, (my wife's grandfather) Lord of Groton Manor.
My grandfather, Reverend Nathan Mason and his wife Experience Lewis left Swansea Massachusetts in 1763.
Hezekiah Mason, also my grandfather and a descendent of Reverend Nathan Mason….

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR ‘foreshortens time’ on command, from one of his Bios <23 Aug ‘08

After I received my Bachelor's degree [ß in basket-weaving, “with an emphasis in Sociology”], I immediately went to work for General Electric (GE)… in their Defense Systems division…. Logistics Management Training Program… in what my manager called 'an effort to bring literacy to the management ranks.'… [ß i.e. Brian taught remedial American English to future warehousemen.]

In a short time I had invented and fielded a computerized database [ß in his off-hours presumably, using his B.A. “with an emphasis in Sociology”, HI] for maintaining major equipment modules…. I was in charge of the tools and test equipment provisioning system and site support…. [ß i.e. Brian was a glorified warehouse stock-man/geek with a DB.]

I had an attack of conscience [ß the one and only in his life, HI] as I realized that my daily routine consisted of perfecting weapons systems [ß read: keeping track of $1,000 “gold-plated” wrenches in the test tool-crib] which might conceivably bring about the loss of life of hundreds of thousands of people in a single moment. Now I realize the value of deterrence, but at 30 I decided that I wanted to devote my life to improving the human condition. [ß For the results of Brian’s “noble experiment”, carefully re-read this entire page—and weep!]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR ‘waxing’ about himself, from one of his Bios <23 Aug ‘08

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