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Here is K3VR - BRIAN CROW's take on this, as reported on the web site he edits (notice I didn't say owns).

14275 Saga Provokes 1,000 Word E-Rant by Laura Smith

The topic of the week centers around an email sent by the FCC's Laura L. Smith. Said email was republished at least 5 times by Todd Daugherty and Mark Morgan.

Since the email has been widely republished… [ß Admit it, initially by YOU, Psycho!] Ms. Smith's email is now firmly in the public domain. [ß Brian’s ‘circle jerk’ SOP and poor attempt at deflecting a charge of Defamation.]

On March 3rd, Mark Morgan reported he had been in almost continuous contact with Laura Smith. Morgan wrote "the letter may or may not be a fake apeartnnt the the letter was realesed to the net while LS herself is away from the office and her computer. I have from LS accepting then dening and now a not so fast I will get back to you on Sat." [ß Your point, Psycho?]

What's in Ms. Smith's email?

It's a lengthy email, at 1,000 words and seven paragraphs, and it outlines the new FCC Counsel's views in colorful language [ß I like her colourful language!], which may offend some readers. [ß But obviously not Coprophiliacs like you, Brian.]

The upshot of the email is that Laura Smith is PISSED (her words). According to published accounts, on March 3rd, Smith told two U.S. licensees that she had "just about reached the end of her rope with all the players" in what she called "this little drama."

Referring to Canadian, Karol Madera's speech, she told the licensees that the FCC regulates obscenity . ". . but general cursing and references to body parts… does not necessarily rise to the level of obscene speech." She continued, "Likewise, calling the President names and making general anti-American comments… while a sure sign of a lack of sensitivity… does not rise to the level of obscene or hate speech either." [ß Bravo, Laura!]

Ms. Smith also opined that speech which is "ugly (as Karol is quite often want [SIC] to spout)" would be protected speech in the U.S. [ß You’re a FRAUD Brian. What Laura said in the immediate context was: “It means ALL speech -- the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly (as Karol is quite often wont to spout)….” Either that, or you damaged your brain, Brian—from the bottom—because of too much pounding on Riley’s cock.]

One reader had harsh words regarding the email. "Ms. Smith needs to review the FCC's website outlining what is obscene, indecent, and profane". The reader (an FCC licensee and a Washington, D.C. attorney who has testified on FCC matters before Congress) went on to provide several legal citations describing how profanity, indecency, and obscenity have historically been forbidden via amateur radio, and the broadcast media. [ß Was this your Keith ‘HARMONICA’ W7DXX whose Remote Internet Base you occasionally anon. use to QRM me? Also, don’t anon. ‘he said/she said’ about it, ~Glenn HAUSER DX LD fashion, Dimmi: cite it!]

He continued, "Children as young as 7 years old routinely [ß Routinely? Define “routinely”!] obtain their amateur licenses, and Laura Smith is either remiss in performing due diligence before making these irresponsible remarks, or, she's an idiot. [ß Bravo, Brian!] If she can't, or won't acknowledge that Madera's language is, at a minimum, usually indecent and profane [ß Again, define “usually”.], she ought to hang up her shingle and go back to being a lobbyist."

Smith made a few pointed [ß Define “pointed”.] remarks about Madera's "act" as she called it, writing, "I have requested that Karol tone down his act..." and she accurately described his on-air incitement, writing, "he is TRYING to incite you..." Smith promised her American readers, "he will/has not responded favorably to my request. He is going to continue the act." [ß Don’t know about “the act”, but Laura is right: I will continue, as is MY Canadian RIGHT.]

As for the numerous unknown individuals [ß The Muse is NOT amused!] in apparent violation of part 97, she wrote, "I have just about had it with the juvenile antics on the part of the American licensees." She also implied that, Americans are all being led around by Madera, whom she referred to as "a master manipulator." [ß That’s Karol VE7KFM—or “Sir”—to you, Puke.]

One commentator wrote, "Ironically, comically, Smith failed to include herself in the list of those who appear to be easily manipulated. She's already made an ass herself of herself, and she's only been involved for a month. What's next?" [ß YOU’RE NEXT, Psycho….]

As Ms. Smith vented her frustration, she wrote, "...playing bulletins and tapes of a deceased licensee, sound effects, endless playing of music, and general pre-pubescent behavior that quite a number of folks engage in on a daily basis at 14.275 needs to stop and needs to stop right now!"

We agree, although, a week later, at the time of this writing. It continues.... [ß Yes, it continues by your “anonymous” co-conspirators, inter alia your Bob EVANS WX4QN (the former WD4AWO) who repeatedly QRM’ed me on 14.275 MHz late on 8 Mar ’09.]

Ms. Smith continued in the same vein, throughout all 7 paragraphs of excited rhetoric. Unfortunately [ß “Unfortunately”? This has been the best thing to happen to the ARS since before ‘Rot’ Riley!], Ms. Smith unloaded her exasperation on two licensees, who were not the target of her obvious frustration. [ß Huhh? Non sequitur.] Apparently, her targets were Karol Madera, and, "the whole bunch of you." [ß Gentle reader: that’s what you get from sucking ‘Rot’ Riley’s cock for too long.]

Ms. Smith's main point was emphasized by the use of all caps, which is generally regarded as the e-version of shouting:


Although she was only addressing two licensees, and we must stress again that neither licensee is the subject of current enforcement activity [ß Your source/mole?], she seemed to be writing for a wider audience.

"Can you tell I'm pissed?" Smith wrote. [ß We know already, above, and in e-shouting at that, Brian! So, why are you repeating this? After all ‘7 year-old children licencees’ could be reading this, HI.] "If you haven't yet figured it out let me clue you in here -- this behavior either stops now or everyone involved will find themselves on the receiving end of enforcement letters. This is an absolute disgrace -- I know kindergarteners that have shown a higher degree of maturity than the whole bunch of you!!"

We are not sure who "everyone involved" may be [ß It’s YOU and your Fucktards, Psycho.], or what kind of "enforcement letters" would be sent to "a whole bunch" of people, for violations of the unknown "lack of maturity" rule [ß Wait for it….], which has apparently been violated, but if we find out, you'll be the first to know.

Come to think of it, we've been waiting 3 years for the FCC to act on the license of Glenn Baxter, K1MAN, who received an affirmed Forfeiture in the amount of $21,000 on March 29, 2006, this after Baxter was finally fined, regarding complaints which the FCC had received since 1984.… [ß GL in the KKKontest!]

Insulting rhetoric, displaced anger, and feminine histrionics aside (but enough about Laura's email) we wish Laura Smith luck in her quest. Tracking down and writing "enforcement letters" to "a whole bunch" of anonymous Americans (?) licensed or not, will be a daunting task. [ß You seem to know a lot about this ‘bunch of anonymous Americans, licensed or not’. Why is that, Psycho?]

What are people saying about Laura Smith's email? [ß Are they your “human people” again, Psycho? (This was an ‘inside joke’ with Dr. PIPES.) Also, what’s with your anon. ‘he said/she said’ w/o names, from afar, on a cloaked website ‘as if’ by someone else ‘shtick’, Brian? Regardless, we’ll immediately take it to the (American) Bank, HI.]

We've received numerous comments (some frankly unprintable) [ß Print and be damned!] regarding what 9 out of 10 readers are calling "a complete lack of professionalism" and worse, with all that entails. [ß Lovely imitation, Psycho. Next time don’t forget the © thingy.]

Several attorneys [ß Much better than your usual “lots”, Dimmi.] wrote to comment that Ms. Smith is grossly in error regarding Part 97, as it applies to Madera's operation, were he a citizen of the United States. This is a moot point. Ms. Smith accurately observed that she has no jurisdiction in Canada, and any remarks made about Karol Madera, are obviously, her personal opinions. [ß Not so. She wrote qua SCARE.]

Some of our readers have stated their intention to send Ms. Smith's email to Dr. Kent Nilsson, FCC Inspector General, and to Kris Monteith, Chief of the FCC Enforcement Bureau, and others, including their Congressional Representatives, asking if Ms. Smith's hire truly represents the best interests of the people of the United States. [ß See earlier iterations, above, for what I think of this THREAT.]

Yet another reader wrote, "Surely Ms. Smith, has discovered the best way to ensure her own job security, while simultaneously spending hundreds of manhours [ß You’re sexist, PIG, HI.], and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, trying to track down countless anonymous individuals who engage in jamming out of pure frustration. [ß Convince them to engage you in muted circle jerks off-air/off the Internet instead.]

They jam a Canadian who spends an inordinate amount of time insulting what he calls the Excited States, while calling on al Qaida to slaughter Americans with roadside bombs." [ß Where does the quote begin, Dimmi?]

Others wrote to ask whether Ms. Smith was completely and properly vetted for the job; why the FCC hired someone with no experience in amateur radio matters, and; if Ms. Smith's hiring (at $200,000 ++) including salary and benefits, is really an appropriate use of taxpayer money, in this time of national fiscal crisis. [ß See earlier iteration, above, for what I think of this.]

For our part, Ms. Smith's good intentions notwithstanding [ß Brian: ‘not long ago I didn’t know how to spell ‘not-with-standing’ but now I “usually” suck cock on my knees’.], we fear Ms. Smith is destined to become even more frustrated. [ß Nowhere near as “frustrated” as you are, as this diatribe inter alia patently evidences.]

The lack of resources for amateur radio enforcement, and what the GAO called the "bureaucratic ineffectiveness" of the FCC, in general, along with the ingenuity of those jamming Madera's transmissions, and the sheer number of those engaged in civil disobedience, will all serve to make Ms. Smith's task a daunting one. [ß Wait for it, Psycho….]

K3VRN1FN in Fred ‘Hypocrite’ LLOYD AA7BQ’s “We don’t want your opinions here” on 9 Mar ‘09

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