Friday, June 25, 2010

Many [ß Better than your usual “lots”, Brian.]
Canadian amateurs have made numerous [ß Ditto! But still hyperbolic. Do I hear your 1001 ’QeerZ’ re Glenn K1MAN fashion?]
complaints to Industry Canada regarding Karol Madera's misuse of the airwaves [ß Read Contra Preferentum, SVP.].
All complainants [ß Are you sure, Brian? If so, surprise, surprise, you’re involved in a Criminal Conspiracy!]
have discussed Jim Laursen's lackadaisical performance and attitude [ß Bravo! Brian. Marginally better than “What Does Baxter Think”, but still ‘no cigar’.]
regarding their legitimate concerns [ß “All” of their “concerns”, or just some of them? And, who decides their legitimacy? Both are rhetorical, Brian. We know….].
A petition [ß Bravo again, Brian! Just what we need: another Petition!]
to have Laursen removed and/or sued for failure to perform is said to be presently in the works [ß Sure it is, Brian. But, what happened to the ones you started against me?].
We will have more news as events proceed [ß Events don’t proceed, they unfold, Fucktard!].

Brian ‘Fucktard’ CROW K3VR in “RAC TAKING AIM AT VE7KFM” [yeah, right] on Rambo’s Blog 18 Nov ‘08

Industry Canada receives complaints [ß a.k.a. Brian’s “put up jobs”], and they react cordially (most of the time) [ß except when they hang up on Brian, HI] but there has been absolutely no concrete and effective action taken [ß Bravo, Jimbo] regarding Canada's worst amateur radio operator [ß thanks for the left-handed accolade]. For some reason Jim Laursen, at IC, in Victoria, has utterly failed to effectively address the problem. Karol Madera, VE7KFM, resides… a mere 2 miles from Laursen's office…. [ß hint, hint, Fucktard]

We believe that one license revocation in CANADA, would immediately relieve 99% of the problems on the 20 meter band, throughout North America. [ß Do I hear the World, Psycho? Obviously, sucking Riley’s cock for ~5 years was injurious to Brian’s mental health.]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR on his [thanks for the ‘heads up’ Jimbo] ~20 Nov ‘08

Diversity is what makes ham radio interesting. [ß Yeah, right! Just read his own words, on this page alone!]

Brian ‘Biggest Radio Hypocrite’ CROW K3VR in “Doofs on 3.885” on 25 Jan ‘09

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