Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't get involved in any on-air disputes [ß Does this apply to your “Mafia” as well, Brian?] and by all means DON'T jam anyone [ß But, but… what about your repeated incitement to jam, above, Brian?], or engage in music playing, or any of that garbage. [ß BTW Are NAZI marches and Hitler’s speeches and God Bless HAMereeka by way of malicious QRM, as rebroadcast by your toadies, OK?]

Another thing; if you make complaints to the FCC, beware that one "new tactic" involves bad guys [ß Bad guys? I thought that they were all “terrorists”!] filing an FOIA so the info they receive on your complaints can be forwarded out of the country, where you will be defamed, in print, on a server, outside U.S. jurisdiction. [ß Not yet, Brian, but, ‘wait for it’….]

Your name will be dragged through the mud on the net, and on the air, outside U.S. jurisdiction [ß Is that in any way analogous to what you do on your CMSPIRG ~outside CDN jurisdiction?], and false complaints of child abuse will be filed against you [ß Don’t know about that, Brian, but how does it compare to YOU swearing a False Affidavit?]. It's already happened to 7 men in 7 different states. So, don't get involved at all unless you have very thick skin. [ß And have real estate registered in your name (“PMI” and ‘upside down’ mortgages don’t count).]

Brian ‘Inconsistent CROW’ K3VR trying to snooker “Laura L. Smith Successor to RH” on 1 Feb ‘09

The purpose of this site is to inform the public [ß Duhh, where have I seen this formulary used before?] about Mark C Morgan ~KB9RQZ also known as the "Usenet moron" because he has for several years been spamming Usenet groups with thousands of innocuous posts, rendering the groups useless, presumably for his own perverse pleasure. [ß Look up the meaning of “innocuous”, Dimmi. BTW Nice ‘mimic job’ on the last bit especially. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!]

Brian ‘Dimmi Mimic’ CROW K3VR’s new Blog in 4 Feb ‘09

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