Friday, June 11, 2010

Laura L. Smith, FCC Enforcement Bureau [ß Published as a parody of her Bio.]

In early 2009, Laura Smith… took over Riley Hollingsworth's position at the FCC.

One positive development is an email written by Ms. Smith… stating her belief that the FCC has no intention of regulating the Internet. This is good news for FCC licensees who may have feared they would be penalized for speaking frankly on the Internet. [ß This should be “good news” especially—but pro tem only—to Brian CROW K3VR whose ~anonymous specialty on the WWW is Criminal Libel/Defamation.]

In one such case, the email referenced above was immediately seized upon by William F. Crowell, W6WBJ. According to a motion by Crowell, the FCC has apparently stated their intention to examine his "character" based on the content of his Internet postings, which is something Crowell has objected to. [ß As might you, Psycho, otherwise, you’re not only going to lose your licence, but arguably will land in Jail.] His motion, is apparently an attempt to use Ms. Smith’s email as prima facie evidence that the FCC does not regulate the content of Internet posts. [ß Psycho Brian would now dictate, to an Attorney, in his own case, whether and how he can ‘seize good news’. Has Brian’s HAMereekan Hubris no bounds?]

Ms. Smith came under fire in February and March, regarding what some called her 'shoot from both hips' approach to enforcement….

Madera is often jammed by unidentified stations [ß Incited by Psycho Brian, in his own words, as this page amply evidences.] who play music and noise effects in order to drown out his transmissions. There is no proof that any station Madera has ever named has taken part in the jamming…. [ß How does Brian know this? Ohh, never mind, I know: he’s Psychotic!]

In March, a potentially embarassing [ß sic] email, written by Ms. Smith, was sent to two FCC licensees, concerning official Commission business. [ß Nothing wrong with/embarrassing about that, even if exactly true.] The email quickly surfaced on the Internet, at blogs operated by Mark Morgan and Todd Daugherty. [ß Plenty wrong with that, especially if the e-mail was leaked by Randy ‘Racist’ BEST W7CPA, as is most likely and was 1st “surfaced” on the WWW by you, Psycho.] Online repartee referred to Ms. Smith's communication as a "1,000 word rant" that one reader described as “PMS on Steroids.” [ß That “repartee”, “rant” and PMS slur were not only YOURS but were and are on YOUR FRAUDulent website where the current subject piece of shit also resides, Psycho!]

According to our tips line [ß Is that anything like the 1-800-264-5980 number you FRAUDulently put up as part of your “International” Distress & FALSE SOS capers in mid-2008 ?], complaints were made to the FCC hierarchy regarding Ms. Smith's email, which has been termed "horrifying" and "abusive" by one present, and one former FCC employee, who both asked to remain anonymous. [ß Sure it was, if you/Riley say so. But, who is your mole at the FCC, Psycho?]

Conversations we have monitored on-air, have referred to the email as 'The Laura Doctrine' and many are hailing it as "a victory for free speech." Her remark about Karol Madera's diatribes, "Nothing I have heard thus far rises to the level of an actionable complaint" is now being interpreted as "anything goes" where speech over amateur radio is concerned…. [ß If you have the balls, Brian, which I doubt, put your silly interpretation to the test. GL in the KKKontest!]

In fact… according to Ms. Smith, although Madera's speech is "obnoxious," … it "does not necessarily rise to the level of obscene speech."….

Laura Smith, who has visited this website, and heard our audio recordings, had this to say about Mr. Madera:

"Indeed, were Karol an American, his speech would fall squarely under the 1st Amendment -- you know that thing many of our forefathers fought and died for (not to mention our troops overseas right now). When you call yourself patriotic, built within that statement is the acceptance of the Constitution and all it entails -- free speech is one of the cornerstones of that fine document. It doesn't mean only the speech YOU agree with; or only the speech that the majority of folks agree with; or even only speech that isn't offensive to most mature, rational adults. It means ALL speech -- the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly (as Karol is quite often want [SIC] to spout)…. [ß If you’re going to shamelessly imitate me, at least do it correctly, sic and w/o e-shouting, Dimmi.]

We agree that 1st Amendment issues should be carefully guarded, indeed they should be sacrosanct…. [ß Is that your Royal “We” and what part of “sacrosanct” don’t you understand, Fucktard?] Ms. Smith's email has left us all shaking our heads and wondering. [ß You and Riley shaking your ‘little heads’ in this contrived ‘circle jerk’, ogled by Kris the ‘voyeuress’, does not count.] We wonder too if Julius Genachowski, Michael Copps, and the Full Commission, will agree with Ms. Smith…. [ß Wait for it, Psycho. Your reign of terror is coming to an end.]

Brian ‘Obsessive CROW’ K3VR ratcheting up the ugliness some more, on his anon. website 6 Mar ‘09

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