Tuesday, June 15, 2010


14275 Saga Provokes 1,000 Word Email Rant by New FCC Enforceress

Referring to Karol Madera's speech [ß That’s Karol VE7KFM to you, Puke!], she offered her opinion, telling the licensees that the FCC regulates obscenity [the categories of which were here pointedly republished by Psycho for maximum negative effect]… would be protected speech in the US…. [ß Surprise, surprise!]

As for the numerous unknown individuals in violation of part 97…. [ß Bravo for ACK the obvious, Psycho, but you’re too obtuse by far!]

She continued in the same vein, throughout 7 paragraphs of excited rhetoric. [ß The “excited” is highly subjective, especially coming from someone who routinely uses hyper homo-sexual speech and wallows in coprophilia, Sicko!] Ms. Smith unloaded her apparent exasperation on two licensees, who were not necessarily the target of her obvious frustration…. [ß Huhh? There is only one licencee mentioned: your LYING co-conspirator Randy BEST W7CPA. So, who is the other and why the mention w/o any evidence? Also, are you again trying to read minds/intentions, Laura’s ~Standard if admittedly highly inconvenient English notwithstanding?]

Although she was only addressing two licensees, and we stress that neither licensee is the subject of current enforcement activity…. [ß Ditto, immediately above. We know already, Psycho! But why the “stress”? Are you under stress?]

We wish Laura Smith luck in her quest to track down and write letters to the hundreds of anonymous Americans (?) who have responded to, and who continue to respond to Karol Madera's America-bashing. [ß Bravo, on the sarcasm, Psycho!]

However, Ms. Smith's good intentions notwithstanding [ß Don’t imitate my diction, Dimmi.], we fear that the lack of resources for amateur radio enforcement, the bureaucratic ineffectiveness of the FCC in general, the ingenuity of those jamming Madera's transmissions [ß Tell Laura more, Brian.], and the sheer number of those engaged in civil disobedience [ß You’re the disobedient and Criminal SOB leading the “sheer number”!], will be a source of continued frustration for Ms. Smith. [ß If I’m not mistaken, all this is a challenge to Laura. GL in the KKKontest, Psycho!]

Brian’s 1st FRAUDulent Commentary on Laura’s Broadside in his www.suckK3VRoff.com 4 Mar ‘09

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