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I hope you're not feeling frustrated or like people here are ganging up on you. Let me share a few thoughts with you. I personally know approximately 20 people who've objected to several of the behaviors you've engaged in as a matter of routine over the past couple of years. [ß Brian, this page alone evidences > 1,000 quotations, by > 1,000 individuals, typically ID’d by name/call-sign/source, about > 1,000 of YOUR psychotic behaviours and/or FRAUDulent posts over the ~same time period. Your point therefore is?]

N1FM, VE7DCW, NA4BH, N2RJ, N8GAV, and KB1OHK, are just a few of them. [ß They’re ALL your toadies, Brian. And 6 is a long way from 20 but admittedly better than your usual “tons” or “lots”.] K3JN and N5PVL also had comments in this thread, relative to what I'm going to discuss. I can't speak for any of them, and I would never presume to [ß You’re too modest, Psycho—remember when you presumed to know what Glenn K1MAN “thought”?], but I can speak for myself. [ß Don’t stop there, Brian, speak for CMSPIRG also!]

I'll list these behaviors for you, which I've personally observed, for your consideration. This list isn't meant to demean you in any way, or to make you feel bad. [ß Of course not, Brian.] It's simply meant as feedback that could be useful in your future interactions, in situations involving others, like amateur radio, journalism, and politics. [ß Politics?]

+ Again, these are just my observations; take them or leave them; this is not an attack, and; this is meant to be helpful, not hurtful. [ß We know already, Brian! But, ’me thinks thou doth protest much too much’….]

+ You entered this thread in attack mode. [ß Huhh?] You have a history of this behavior. [ß You mean like your 1,000+ event history, on this page alone?] When people rebut your (often) hostile, inaccurate, and/or distorted observations, you (often) get defensive, and you start whining. [ß You mean like you’re doing now?]

+ Many of your unkind words [ß OK…. How do Ed’s “unkind words” compare to your FRAUDulent ones, Brian?] here have been re-printed on at least one web page, one of which is infamous for delusional libel. [ß How does that “one” compare to your dozen+ psychotic ones, Brian?] "Delusional" in this case, is expressed in classical terms, meaning, divorced from reality. "Libel" is defined as harmful writing, of fraudulent provenance, having no basis in fact. [ß I taught I taw a putty tat, Laura.]

+ Most people naturally resent unkind, libelous, inaccurate words which appear to be archived on the net 'forever.' [ß We finally agree on something! Been looking in the mirror again, Brian? BTW I don’t have an “Archive”, but understand that you do….]

+ When challenged, and asked to remove your comments [ß You mean like Bogdan W4EEH above?], you've referred to their challenges as "threats" and have even made comments about "getting the police involved," which is not only naive, it's kind of silly, isn't it? [ß Admit it, Brian: It’s only “silly” if it’s even contemplated against you….]

+ You've called other people liars, frauds, snitches, lunatics, hypocrites, and band cops, and you've publicly accused them of breaking federal law. These comments are all archived on the internet, yet, you portray yourself as a victim. [ß Surprise, surprise, Brian, because as this page amply proves, you made him so….]

+ You associated yourself with a well known Canadian by engaging him on the air [ß Wow, Ed: Guilt by distant association. Report to GITMO!], and by joining his Yahoo group [ß NOT “his”, Brian. Also, recall that 2+ years ago you had him banned by the yahoos on Yahoo!], the purpose of which, was solely to defame others. [ß Brian now presumes to know others’ SOLE motive! The Hubris! Or, was he simply looking in the mirror?]

The group violated Yahoo terms of service, and it was taken down. [ß Bravo, again, Brian!] Yet, to this day, I've never seen you take responsibility for your actions. I've never seen any indication from you that your actions may have been ill-advised. [ß Mirror, mirror, wherefore art thou, mirror?]

+ You've characterized people who've merely commented on information you've discussed publicly as having 'attacked' you somehow. Comments about things you introduce into public debate are not attacks, they're simply observations based in fact. [ß No Brian. Admit it, most of your comments are “Faith Based”.]

+ You appeared out of the blue, as a very inexperienced amateur, but you acted as though you had "all the answers." You still often act as though you have all the answers. Unfortunately, your conclusions are often inaccurate, your accusations wrong, and many of your words, hurtful. [ßCry me a river, Brian. Even if true, for the sake of argument only, at least they’re not FRAUDulent, like most of your writings!] As a rule, people react negatively to these behaviors. Can you honestly blame them?

+ You were banned briefly, and you took a break, but you came back, apparently, with the same attitudes and behaviors. [ß Brian, maybe if you had bought Ed some knee pads, like you supplied to your toadies ID’d earlier, he’d have ‘adopted a different attitude’, HI….]

This is not the only site where people have tried to gently point out some of these problematic behaviors. Both Paul [N1LAF] and Ryan [N2RJ], and others, have tried to help you, gently, but firmly, much as I'm attempting to do now. [ß Brian likes to ‘slip it in’ gently but firmly, HI….]

+ Many of the comments posted by you, reside on a web page, right next to other harmful comments [ß Is this more of your ‘guilt by association’ Psycho?], which were invented by a person, or persons, who entered qrz, and other forums, under false pretenses, using false names, making false claims. [ß Brian, you sure seem to know a lot about ‘falseness’….]

+ On investigation, these harmful comments were removed by responsible moderators [ß You mean by Terry GRAVES K7FE your FRAUDulent ‘QeerZ’ mole? BTW Is Terry any relation to Matthew ‘Pulitzer Putz’ GRAVES KB3FQN of CMSPIRG/SARC infamy?]. Yet, they still exist on a page hosted by an associate of yours [ß The “Canadian Army of One”, by definition, has no associates, Dimmi.] right next to your comments, as some sort of phony testament for the woefully naive. The page where your comments are archived is inherently and demonstrably deceptive, libelous, and harmful. [ß But unlike yours, Brian, which is un-attributed, anonymous, cloaked and FRAUDulent--the other webpage/’other hand clapping’ is overt, signed, and even © so, your point is, Psycho?]

+ I know the comments are yours, because you posted them here first, then they were removed. Next, they were copied, and posted on a distant server, where they still exist, today. [ß Huhh? First they were posted. Then they were removed. Next, they were copied and posted? Obviously, Brian’s sucking Riley’s cock for years has been deleterious to his reasoning ability/mental health.]

+ I think a person genuinely interested in 'peace' would contact the owner(s) of those blogs and pages and have those comments removed. [ß Neville CHAMBERLAIN, much more modestly, was only interested in “peace in our time” and look what it wrought….]

+ The mere association of your name, and your inaccurate, harmful comments, alongside comments posted under fraudulent pretenses, doesn't look good for your credibility, honesty and probity, all of which are a litmus test for public office (where honest politicians are concerned). [ß Ed, if English were not the 4th language I learned, I would swear that this was a threat/attempt at ~blackmail.]

+ The fact is, your association with this person or persons creates an appearance of impropriety. [ß Is that anything like your ‘snitching’ association with the quasi-Criminal regime at the FCC under Riley’s tenure?] I believe a wise man, with a desire to enter a career in politics, would attend to this immediately. [ß Ed, just in case you missed it, this again is a thinly veiled threat/attempt at extortion!]

+ The page where your comments are posted, is shared [ß Wrong, Brian. Presenting opinion as fact, as is your usual, is actionable, Psycho.] between a Canadian amateur and an amateur in Michigan (banned here and elsewhere) who falsely reported 7 amateurs to child protective services for "child pandering." The fact that your comments are posted in association with the other comments I mentioned, doesn't engender respect for you. Quite the contrary. [ß What is the penalty in PA for swearing a False Affidavit, Brian?]

+ The Michigan amateur spends much of his time flooding usenet groups with thousands of delusional comments, preventing others from using the usenet service. [ß But, does he block your IPN like you routinely do to others, Psycho?]

+ Like it or not, your documented association, cooperation, and participation in groups with people like this, affects how others perceive you. [ß Mirror for Brian please!]

+ Four of your associates from the Yahoo group are banned from several sites. [ß Yawn….] One used another person's callsign illegally, for years, another broke into qrz under false pretenses, stealing an elderly hams callsign to post defamation [ß Is that anything like what you did to Pan Benjamin BIALY W9TKJ an ill octogenarian from IL when you used his name, his call-sign and made-up FRAUDulent e-mail using his call-sign (which someone additionally inserted in his QRZ call-sign DB), despite Benjamin NEVER having had a computer in his life, all in order to try to snooker me?], another is... well, I don't really thing [sic] you want to be associated with ANY of them.

+ It might be time to consider past actions, and words written in haste, and to try to reconcile with people you've offended and harmed. We all need to practice tempering our words in the future; thinking before we hit the send key. Why not ask these people to remove your harmful words from the internet; bury the hatchet, and move on?

Having said all this, I take complete responsibility for my actions [ß Yeahh, right!]. If I've offended you, in any way, I apologize, now, and for any of my past comments, which were wholly made in reaction to the behaviors noted above. [ß Sad, really. Brian does NOT even know what constitutes an unequivocal apology.]


Brian K3VR peeking from under his ‘Mask of Sanity’, for “Laura L. Smith Successor to RH” on 1 Feb ‘09

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