Sunday, June 13, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: [ß Compare/contrast this with the previous one, above.]

Since the email has been widely republished; and posted on at least three websites, and; it was apparently delivered via government email servers; written concerning public FCC business; appearing with Laura Smith's official FCC signature line; including the FCC email address, phone number, and fax number; the email is now firmly in the public domain…. [ß SOP. Modesty does NOT become you, Brian. Laura’s e-mail was initially leaked to and originally published and then re-published on the WWW by none other than YOU, Psycho!]

It's a lengthy email, at 1,000 words and seven paragraphs, and it outlines 'Ms. Smith's' views in colorful language, which may offend some readers. [ß But it’s not nearly as colourful/offensive as yours, here…. BTW How is your dog, “Tor”?]

She continued in the same vein, throughout 7 paragraphs of excited rhetoric. Ms. Smith unloaded her apparent exasperation on two licensees, who were not the target of her obvious frustration [ß We know already, Brian. No need to underline.]. Apparently, her targets were Karol Madera [ß Did I ever tell you that Brian’s brain is wired 180 degrees out of phase?], and, "the whole bunch of you," whosoever that may be. Her main point was emphasized by the use of all caps, generally regarded as the e-version of shouting…. [ß But thankfully not yet screaming, HI. Beware the woman screaming, Psycho….]

We wish Laura Smith luck in her quest to track down and write enforcement letters to the hundreds of anonymous Americans (?) who have responded to, and who continue to respond to, Karol Madera's America-bashing and affiliation with al Qaeda…. [ß Just call me “Al Qaeda Northern Command” for short.]

We have received numerous comments (some frankly unprintable) [ß You’re much too modest, Sicko!] regarding what 9 out of 10 readers are calling "a complete lack of professionalism" and worse. [ß The “9 out of 10” was Psycho Brian erroneously counting Mrs. Palmer’s pinkies, while engaging in an “excited” circle jerk, with himself.] We decline to publish personal attacks against Ms. Smith. [ß Of course, Brian. Your comments here are a Testament to your exemplary decorum.] Ms. Smith has an opportunity to comment further, through our information portal, or through official FCC channels, should she wish to do so. [ß Huhh?]

Some of our readers have stated their intention to send the email to Dr. Kent Nilsson, FCC Inspector General [ß GL. Congress 3 months ago stated: “Serious allegations against Dr. Nilsson are pending before PCIE”.], and to Kris Monteith, Chief of the FCC Enforcement Bureau [ß Whom Bill W6WBJ only a month ago accused of Misleading Justice], and others, including their Congressional Representatives [ß I recommend contacting the authors of the Congressional Report “DECEPTION AND DISTRUST: THE FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION UNDER KEVIN J. MARTIN”], asking if Ms. Smith's hire truly represents the best interests of the people of the United States. [ß Truly, I don’t know, not being a HAMereekan…. But her action against your Randy ‘Racist’ BEST W7CPA w/o question was in the best interest of the ITU/World.]

Others wrote to ask whether she was completely and properly vetted for the job [ß Psycho, YOU spoke with and subsequently “vetted” her on your QeerZ, remember?]; why the FCC hired someone with no experience in amateur radio matters [ß Precisely so YOU could not suck her off, as you did your Riley, remember?]; and if her hiring (at $200,000 ++) including salary and benefits, is really an appropriate use of taxpayer money, at a time of fiscal crisis. [ß Fuck your ‘Jewish Engineered’ Wall Street Crisis! If Laura pulls your licence, as she should—and/or arranges ‘room & board’ for you and your Criminal co-conspirators—her salary for at least one year will be more than offset by FRAUDulently instigated investigations NOT undertaken by your incompetent ‘alphabet soup’ thugs and ours.]

For our part, Ms. Smith's good intentions notwithstanding, we fear that the lack of resources for amateur radio enforcement, what the GAO called the "bureaucratic ineffectiveness" of the FCC in general, the ingenuity of those jamming Madera's transmissions, and the sheer number of those engaged in civil disobedience, will be a source of continued frustration for Ms. Smith.

Brian’s 2nd seriously FRAUDulent Commentary, ratcheting up the ugliness, on his website 5 Mar ‘09

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