Saturday, June 5, 2010

Smith's email of March, 2009 to two Arizona amateur operators exemplifies everything that's wrong with some of the attitudes in the federal government. Not all of the attitudes, mind you. Some federal employees are competent and dedicated public servants. [ß I believe that the latter refers to ‘Rot’ Riley and possibly also to the “3 Douchebags” in the FCC EB being hammered by Bill W6WBJ.]

However, Laura Smith's email, and her complete and utter failure to publicly apologize for her abusive rhetoric, is the kind of mean-spirited, arrogant, big government, holier-than-thou, talking-down-to-the-citizenry, CRAP that President Obama should attempt to completely purge from government, if he really wants to avoid widening the "confidence gap." [ß Congratulations, Laura, for being the 3rd person, in as many years, to be subject to this type of vitriol/‘odd formulary’ [FYI the “publicly apologize” demand was used on K1MAN & VE7KFM before you]. And speaking of “CRAP”, don’t even think of apologizing to a Socio/Psychopath and patent Coprophiliac.]

It's not just the blatant appearance of nepotism involved in Smith's hiring. Her husband and father-in-law both work/ed for the FCC, leading to an appearance of impropriety, at the very least. [ß Nepotism: only if you say so, Psycho. But why didn’t you mention that Laura was hired by your Right Wing punk, Kevin MARTIN, in the waning days of the Bush-wacker Era? Or is this too inconvenient for you?]

It's not the fact that she doesn't qualify for the most basic amateur radio license, yet she's tasked to exhibit expertise about the service. [ß Gentle reader: peruse ‘QeerZ’, which Psycho styles as ‘the most popular amateur radio website in the world’, for the amount of “expertise” exhibited by licensed HAMereekans.]

It's not the fact that she appears to lack subject matter competence when it comes to analyzing the technical matters required to do her job properly. [ß There are precious few “technical matters” on her plate. Arguably, everything Laura needs to discharge her ARS “subject matter competence”, she learned in Grade School.]

It's not even the lack of punishment involved in the Indianapolis Police Department Radio Scandal, that frankly stinks to heaven. [ß Is that anything like the ‘stink’ of your demonstrated anal/fecal obsession and Coprophilia, Brian? But, I agree: Laura should have had the criminals-in-uniform shot at dawn, before breakfast. Come to think of it, she still has a chance to atone for being a slow learner—by summarily “executing” Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob, YOUR sometime criminal-in-uniform.]

It's not any of those things. [ß OK. So, why the hyperbolic Litany, above?] Rather, it's her smug, condescending, abusive treatment of taxpayers and other FCC stakeholders that makes Laura Smith a DUD in her role as Special Counsel. [ß Nothing terribly wrong with “smug” or even “condescending”, if you’re talking to patent IDIOTS like YOU/yours and have “subject matter expertise” (the “Special Counsel” inter alia refers), unlike your ‘smug & descending’ (that’s “going down” in the vernacular) on your ‘Rot’ Riley in the Gettysburg Bath-House. As for “abusive”, just read your own prose herein and on this page alone, then look at the reflection in your computer monitor and seriously consider taking ‘The Final Exit’, like your sometime BUD ‘Rambo Dan’ did to such good effect recently.]

Laura Smith is ham radio's new poster child for what's wrong with the federal government…. [ß Bravo Laura! Can I have an autographed copy?]

The lack of confidence in government -- the gap many of us see and lament on a daily basis -- can be summed up by pointing frequently to those few insulting sentences written by Laura Smith of the FCC Enforcement Bureau:

"I sure wish we could regulate stupidity -- but it just isn't within the current confines of the rules. If it were, every single one of the actors here would be slapped with a fine just for being stupid/gullible and wasting my time..." [ß Despite his doctored ‘continuous loop’ tapes (used for malicious QRM’ing) incorporating this very formulary, Brian must also have forgotten what ‘Rot’ Riley said at the 2007 Hamvention (patently about HIM and his co-conspirators in the context): “We can’t regulate stupid!”]

I can't imagine why Laura Smith is still on the FCC's payroll. [ß Wait for it…. I can “imagine” her yanking YOUR licence, Psycho and soon.] Maybe it's just to remind us that talk is cheap, and cheap shots made via email are even cheaper. [ß There is nothing cheaper/scuzzier than FRAUDulent, ANONymous, Cloaked DEFAMATION obtusely written in the 3rd person by the likes of a ‘circle jerking’ coward like you, Brian!] By now it should be abundantly clear, that if President Obama's really serious about cutting costs, the FCC has some low-hanging fruit, just ripe for the picking. [ß Brian you Psycho, don’t forget to attribute “low-hanging fruit” to © ToeJoe N9PH.]

‘Psycho Brian’ K3VR continuing ‘circle jerk’/ratcheting up the ugliness against Laura, on his ANON website <28 Apr ‘09

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