Thursday, December 15, 2011

* I’m a very attractive man.”

Brian K3VR to his ‘butt buddy’ Randy W7CPA as monitored on 14.272.5 MHz @ 0618 PST 25 Feb ‘10

* I did hear [Brian CROW K3VR] once on 40 AM, maybe a year ago, but the person he was talking to asked him something about the situation on 14275 and he clearly got very nervous. He went into that extreme monotone voice as he got very careful with his answers.

I find it humorous that he still gets questions over the air about the Florida address on QRZ, and he still goes into the lie about places in Maine, Florida, and PA. Yeah right. He can afford to live anywhere but picks Shithole, PA. [ß a.k.a. Irwin, PA] Give me a fucking break.

I heard him say once he was in PA because of his wife's family, but her parents are dead and her two brothers blew out of there years ago. But I must remember there is no rule about having to tell the truth on amateur radio.

Humorous private e-mail from Brian’s ~neighbour on Memorial Day 2010

* Published reports indicate Madera [ß That’s Karol VE7KFM (or “Sir”) to you, Puke!] is transmitting falsehoods and threats to anyone who will listen. [ß Brian/Glenn HAUSER’s HAMereekan FUCKTARDS eagerly listening to “falsehoods” and “threats”? Go figure!]

‘Psycho’ Brian CROW K3VR--knows the incendiary words, but NOT the ‘song’--in his so-called DX LD report 29 Apr ‘10

* Tom,

Congratulations on helping bust the criminals associated with that Canadian who’s been threatening U.S. public officials. He’s a very bad actor and I understand there’s even a web page [] about him and his fellow criminals.

Lindsay B. [ß This calumny/macabre impersonation was bad Karma and the beginning of the end of Tom’s School Board campaign! Bravo, Brian!]

Psycho Brian CROW K3VR—Tom WHATLEY’s “Educational Insultant”—posting as murdered Lindsay BUZIAK on 2 Jun ‘10

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