Friday, April 1, 2011

* To AA7BQ [ß Fred ‘Hypocrite’ LLOYD owner of ‘QeerZ’ a.k.a.]

How about removing the images that have been [FRAUDulently] posted in the detail info for the callsign VE7KFM.

And while you're at it, REMOVE all POST from K3VR and N1FM concerning 14.275 and VE7KFM.

NOOBIE to Fred AA7BQ in Fred’s “We don’t want your opinions here” [Bravo!] on 8 Mar ‘09

* Yes it is a felony [impersonating a Federal Official] here in the good old USA, BUT if it came from where I think it did, oh lets say ....... Canada,,,,, we know how that works. One bad apple up there who likes to stir the pot makes ALL of us look bad. [ß That’s why they call me “The Canadian Army of One” and Laura styles me the “Master Manipulator”, Dimmi!]

Herr-mann ‘Shit-for-Brains’ N8GAV in “STOP THE PRESS: FCC Chief of Enforcement” on 8 Mar ‘09

* Which part of fix VE7KFM's details in the database did you not understand Fred?

Why haven't you BANNED K3VR? He's the ROOT of the problem on 14.275... You know it, and WE KNOW IT.

Now the FCC KNOWS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOON2BE to Fred AA7BQ in his “We don’t want your opinions here” [Bravo!] on 8 Mar ‘09

* Dear Soon. As you probably did not notice, the original thread which contained your repeated stuff [ß The e-mail from Laura to Randy.] ... was determined by Fred, to be a fraud. [ß Obviously, Fred was looking in the mirror when making that determination.] It was NOT written by the FCC official. [ß Are you SURE? Why don’t you ask HER, not FRAUDulent Fred?] Thus, there is no need to repeat what has been determined to be fradulent statements, written by someone who most likely had already been banned.

The data is totally and completely erroneous. [ß Want to bet the ranch on that Bill? I’ll give you better than 100:1 odds….]

Bill W0LPQ in “We don’t want your opinions here” [Bravo!] on 8 Mar ‘09

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